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Estate Planning Documents

Successful estate and trust planning is crucial to offering your family and loved ones financial security and peace of mind during a time of loss. In order to eliminate complications and ensure your wishes are followed, it's important to have a detailed plan as to your wishes on how your assets will be distributed.


Our Fees

Initial Consultation 30 minutes at no cost (unless we are reviewing your self-prepared documents)
Living Trust Package - includes Living Trust, Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, General Power of Attorney, and Living Will $695 (Single)   $995 (Married)
Living Trust $470
Last Will & Testament (simple) $170
General Power of Attorney $60
Health Care & Mental Health Care Power of Attorney $60
Living Will (Advanced Health Care Directive) $60
Beneficiary Deed $175 (including recording fees)
Complex Last Will & Testament  $300
Special Needs Trust or Miller Trust $470
Trust Amendments $470 (starting at)
When there is no estate plan you may need:  
Affidavit of Succession to Real Property $470 + Court Fees
Affidavit of Collection of Personal Property $110
Probate $1125 + Court Fees
Guardianship  $1125 + Court Fees
Guardianship with Conservatorship $1635 + Court Fees
Formal Probate $1635 = Court Fees

We can prepare the documents you need for peace of mind. Please see our articles page for helpful information.

The Arizona Attorney General website has free forms online for a Living Will, Medical & Mental Health Power of Attorney, and Do Not Resuscitate.


Arizona provides other means for non-probate transfers of property including:

  • Beneficiary deeds for real property
  • Pay on Death accounts for financial accounts

After Death Pet Care

Did you know that the Yavapai Humane Society has a program to provide loving care for your pets if you pass away? The Yavapai Humane Society Guardianship Program. As a member of the Yavapai Humane Society Planned Giving Advisory Council, Arlene Rheinfelder, can provide you with information and assistance with the Guardianship Program.



Please Note: We are NOT attorneys and do NOT provide legal advice. Your information is confidential, but we do not have attorney-client privilege. If you need legal advice, you will be referred to an attorney.

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