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Income Tax Preparation

Our goal is to help our clients easily navigate the many tax planning and preparation choices that they will need to make. We offer options that minimize tax liabilities, but maximize cash flow. Knowledgeable and experienced, we work hard to boost your financial opportunities.


What is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent or EA is the highest credential the IRS awards. An Enrolled Agent has passed an exam demonstrating a high level of knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, Tax Preparation, and Tax Representation.  An EA is enrolled to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service when they have a tax problem. Enrolled Agents are America’s Tax Experts.


Personal Tax Preparation

Form 1040 including Schedule A & B $305 minimum


Additional Schedules

Schedule C (each) starting at $87 each
Form 8949 - Capital Gains - per form TBD
Schedule E (first rental) TBD
Additional rentals (each) TBD
Each Schedule K-1 that is entered on return $50 each
Earned Income Tax Credit TBD
Child Tax Credit TBD
Premium Tax Credit TBD


Trust and Estate Income Tax Preparation


Form 1041 - Trust Income Tax (Minimum) $485 minimum plus the costs listed above


Please Note: We are NOT attorneys and do NOT provide legal advice. Your information is confidential, but we do not have attorney-client privilege. If you need legal advice, you will be referred to an attorney.

Arlene Rheinfelder, EA, CP AZCLDP

"I help solve people's problems. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone through a difficult situation, and helping them to find a good resolution." 


Melissa Hill, AZCLDP

I love the challenge of finding a way to help each person's unique situation. It is never the same because each person is different with their own needs and wants.

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