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Arlene Rheinfelder, EA, CP AZCLDP

"I help solve people's problems. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone through a difficult situation, and helping them to find a good resolution." 


Melissa Hill, AZCLDP

I love the challenge of finding a way to help each person's unique situation. It is never the same because each person is different with their own needs and wants.

Other Services

Prescott Tax and Paralegal offers a variety of additional services. Let us know how we can help you today.

Our Fees

Documents Filing Fee Publication or
Process Server
5-Day/30-Day Notice to Vacate $150    
Eviction (Suit) $190 $30-218 $75+
Breach of Promissory Note (Suit) $475 $30-218 $75+
Breach of Contract (Suit) $475+ $30-218 $75+
Demand Letter (hourly) $95+    
Corporation $995 included included
Limited Liability Company $625 included included
Operating Agreement
(already included in LLC formation)
Promissory Note $195+    
Complaint (Civil Law Suit) $495 $30-218  
Answer to Complaint $300 $30-218  
Discovery Requests or Responses $300    
Disclosure Statement $400    
Prenuptial Agreement $285+    
Property Deeds $150 included  

For contracts, and other business documents please call for pricing.

We refer all construction preliens to Titan Lien Service.

We refer Deeds of Trust to Yavapai Title.

Please Note: We are NOT attorneys and do NOT provide legal advice. Your information is confidential, but we do not have attorney-client privilege. If you need legal advice, you will be referred to an attorney.


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