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Social Media and Family Court

When parents are in a legal battle which involves children or significant property, I often think of the criminal warning, “Anything you say, can and will be used against you.” ... read more

Parenting Rights for Unmarried Parents

The most popular month for weddings, June, has passed, and the honeymoons are over.  For those who choose to skip the formal ceremony, did you know that Arizona does not... read more

Big Changes to AZ Tax Law

This news makes me smile. I know, it's a little weird when changes to the tax law make a person smile, but this one is good for the majority of... read more

Hold Your Horses on Filing AZ Taxes

Hold your horses Arizona! AZ residents may want to delay filing their AZ taxes. (Actually, many software packages do not yet permit filing AZ electronically yet.) Historically, AZ will sign... read more

Avoiding Probate

Probate.  Just mention the word, and chills run up the spine. Some businesses are even targeting seniors to scare them into purchasing expensive estate plans to avoid probate. They hold... read more

Small Business Owner New Year's Day To Do List

Prescott Tax & Paralegal wishes you a blessed and prosperous New Year!  As we begin a new year there are a few steps that small business owners should take to... read more
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The Importance of a Mental Health Care Power of Attorney

Often as parents age, children become concerned because the parent may become forgetful, or worse, be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's. Both dementia and Alzheimer's fall under the umbrella of... read more

AZ Department of Revenue Announces Tax Credit Amounts for 2018

The AZ Department of Revenue confirmed the inflation adjustments for the 2018 AZ Tax Credits.  The 2018 AZ Tax Credit amounts are as follows: Qualifying Charitable Organization: $400 for an individual $800 for married filing... read more

AZ Tax Credit Donations Made after 8-27-18 No Longer Deductible on Federal Itemized Tax Returns

In a recent IRS news release, the IRS has proposed regulations that will prevent claiming AZ Tax Credit Donations as an itemized deduction for federal purposes. In recently released proposed regulations,... read more

When the State can get your stuff

You may have heard the myth that the State will get your stuff if you don’t have a Will. In reality, whether or not you have a Will has little... read more

Dispel the myth that the State will get your stuff

Prescott Tax and Paralegal, your estate planning experts in Prescott, can help you protect your assets and leave property for your heirs. Do you have a will? If not, you... read more

Factors that affect parental rights

Prescott Tax and Paralegal, your family law experts in Prescott, understands that it is important to know what kinds of things can affect your parental rights. Legal decision-making and parent... read more

How nice life is when your bookkeeper can easily prepare the taxes for your Prescott business

Wouldn't it be awesome if outsourcing your Prescott business bookkeeping needs meant that your tax return was prepared without an additional charge? Prescott Tax and Paralegal welcomes you to a... read more

Help prepare your Prescott business for tax season

As business owners, we tend to think we can do it all ourselves. Bookkeeping is one of those tasks that oftentimes gets dumped on the business owner and unfortunately, may... read more

Why small businesses are likely to attract audits

Those dreaded audits! Why do small businesses seem to attract audits by the IRS? Prescott’s accounting experts at Prescott Tax and Paralegal, understand why small businesses are likely to attract... read more

The importance of powers of attorney, including mental health powers of attorney

Often as parents age, children become concerned because the parent may become forgetful, or worse, be diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer's. Both dementia and Alzheimer's fall under the umbrella of... read more

Help with Arizona divorce proceedings

Everyone plans on living happily ever after on their wedding day. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan and the discussion turns to divorce. Because the legal... read more

The value in outsourcing the bookkeeping and accounting work for your business

Maybe you have thought about outsourcing some or all of your bookkeeping and accounting, but have yet to determine how cost effective outsourcing this area of your Prescott business really... read more

Help with Your Bookkeeping Needs

Prescott Tax & Paralegal understands the demands of owning a small business, and the difficulty in finding time to keep ledgers of payables and receivables. Accurate bookkeeping is critical to... read more

Pros and Cons of a Living Trust

Most of you have probably been invited to one or more estate planning seminars discussing living trusts. Like everything in life, one size does not fit all. Prescott Tax and... read more

What you can do when your custody arrangement isn’t working

Creating a parenting plan is a difficult task and must be well thought out to accomplish what’s in the best interest for a family. Sometimes situations arise where the plan... read more

Signs that you need to hire a bookkeeper

As many small businesses start out, they choose to handle their own bookkeeping and accounting rather than hiring a bookkeeper. Even with all the user-friendly bookkeeping software that is available,... read more

Does your business need bookkeeping/accounting services?

Prescott Tax & Paralegal is now offering bookkeeping/accounting services, specializing in service businesses in Prescott. We tailor our services to meet the needs of your business. You can enjoy the... read more
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Charitable Donations and Tax Reform

For the past 6 weeks, at Prescott Tax and Paralegal we've gotten numerous calls asking, "What will the new tax bill mean to me?" To which I replied, "No idea. Nothing has... read more
Crunching Tax Numbers

Tax Reform or Is it?

The House just passed their version of "tax reform" and sent it to the Senate. The Senate has its own version of tax reform.  The end result will likely be... read more

Paralegal Services and Income Tax Preparation

Looking for quality tax and paralegal services in Prescott? Introducing Prescott Tax and Paralegal. We are committed to making sure that your documents are prepared with great attention to detail.  We... read more

Reasons to use a Supreme Court certified Legal Document Preparer

Often the need for legal services comes during times of economic issues.  Using a paralegal can help reduce the financial burden and decrease legal costs.  However, you must understand their... read more

What to do if you find you owe the IRS money

Sometimes people have the unfortunate experience of owing the IRS taxes.  Prescott Tax and Paralegal would like to help inform you of your choices.  If you found out that you... read more

Income Tax Refund – Spend or Save?

By Arlene Rheinfelder, Prescott Tax & Paralegal Certified Legal Document Preparer and Enrolled Agent In 2015 the IRS issued an estimated $125 BILLION dollars in income tax refunds. The average refund was $3,120... read more
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