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Arlene Rheinfelder, EA, CP AZCLDP

"I help solve people's problems. There is nothing more rewarding than helping someone through a difficult situation, and helping them to find a good resolution." 


Melissa Hill, AZCLDP

I love the challenge of finding a way to help each person's unique situation. It is never the same because each person is different with their own needs and wants.

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Charitable Donations and Tax Reform

For the past 6 weeks, at Prescott Tax and Paralegal we've gotten numerous calls asking, "What will the new tax bill mean to me?" To which I replied, "No idea. Nothing has... read more
Crunching Tax Numbers

Tax Reform or Is it?

The House just passed their version of "tax reform" and sent it to the Senate. The Senate has its own version of tax reform.  The end result will likely be... read more

Paralegal Services and Income Tax Preparation

Looking for quality tax and paralegal services in Prescott? Introducing Prescott Tax and Paralegal. We are committed to making sure that your documents are prepared with great attention to detail.  We... read more

Reasons to use a Supreme Court certified Legal Document Preparer

Often the need for legal services comes during times of economic issues.  Using a paralegal can help reduce the financial burden and decrease legal costs.  However, you must understand their... read more

What to do if you find you owe the IRS money

Sometimes people have the unfortunate experience of owing the IRS taxes.  Prescott Tax and Paralegal would like to help inform you of your choices.  If you found out that you... read more

Income Tax Refund – Spend or Save?

By Arlene Rheinfelder, Prescott Tax & Paralegal Certified Legal Document Preparer and Enrolled Agent In 2015 the IRS issued an estimated $125 BILLION dollars in income tax refunds. The average refund was $3,120... read more
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